Why Do this?

"this kids don't want to put in the work these days."

"this won't work."

"all they care about is fortnite and their phones."

"why Gillespie?  you can't do this in Gillespie."

"you are crazy."


these are some of the things I have heard since this project has started.  so, why do this?  why put time and money into dingers?  why put more stress into my life?  because it's hard, that's why.  baseball is hard, life is hard.  Our goal is for you to improve each and every time you step into Dingers.  So each and every time you step onto the field, the game is a little bit easier.  there are a lot of baseball "ways" out there.  We just want you to learn one thing each time you step into dingers.  There is a lot on your plate as a student athlete, but this is the best time of your life.  Let's work at it, Let's enjoy it, because I miss it and someday you will too. 

not only will we talk about swings and misses or balls and strikes, but the thinking behind the game, the situations, the mental part that makes this game Americas pastime.  You will never stop learning the game of baseball.  The late, great coach Stewart  told me, "I am not teaching you about baseball, I am teaching you about life."

As a former college baseball player, a business owner, a coach, a husband, and a dad,  I have had to deal with failure.  Everyone will fail at this game.  Baseball is a game of failure.  I want to see how you deal with failure.  Do you blame others?  Do you blame the Umpires?  Or do you shake it off and work harder?  In baseball, you have to have a short term memory.  You can't dwell on that strike out with the bases loaded.  you learn more from failure than you do succeeding.  You will fail more than you will succeed in this game.  So there is a lot to learn. 

At times, you might not make the varsity squad, the "A" team, or a certain travel team.   Perfect.  that is life.  that is motivation.  It motivated me!  

When I didn't make "A" team or the varsity squad, my dad, who as always been my biggest supporter, told me something that I will never forget:

"work harder than anyone else on the team and if you get that shot because you will, I believe in you, don't give them a reason to take you out"

I did just that.  and at dingers, we are here to do just that.  To work hard, to prepare you in every aspect of the game to not only be a better player, but a better person.


That is why we do this...