School work comes before anything else.  If you are having trouble at school, take a break from sports and focus on school.


No sunflower seeds, gum, alcohol, food, smoking or tobacco.  No rubber spikes.  Turf/tennis shoes only!


PUT YOUR PHONES AWAY!!!  You are in here to work.  No one can swing a bat and take a selfie at the same time.


No food or drink in cage area.


Stay away from cages if you are not using it.  Do not hang on nets.


Pick up ALL equipment when you are finished.  Respect the game.  Respect the facility.


No one, besides employees, will be permitted behind receptionist desk.

Dingers of Gillespie LLC, On the Fringe in Gillespie llc and farmers insurance-adam m tallman agency each have its own entrance and identity.  they are not affiliated with one another and each has its own separate address.  It is your choice to be here.  we are not responsible for anyone who gets sick or injured.  you make your own choices.